You’re Here to Live Your Life Fully!

The Center is a sanctuary, a place to experience your physical and spiritual connection to the earth.  This healing container serves as the home base for the creative interplay between work, meditation, movement, and farming for Rod Birney & Suzanna Nadler, the temenos where they recharge and bring their embodied, interactive presentations out into the world.  Contact us, apply for a stewardshipdirections

Suzanna Yahya Nadler MEd, LPC acts as an energetic catalyst to awaken the passion and fire in you so that you can choose the direction of your life.  Being a body focused psychotherapist with individuals, couples and groups she gently, but firmly, encourages your soul’s authentic whole-hearted and embodied expression  She travels and presents her creative, interactive body poetry, and teaches SoulWork Tantra®.  Contact herschedule a session, register for a class, directions

“Yahya and Rod are masters at creating and holding space: weaving the sacred with the mundane, the yin with the yang, making a group experience a personal experience.  Thank you for showing the way.” Ann Zimmerman, Talent, OR

Rod Birney MD is a depth psychotherapist whose focus is to help you understand and release your past, create a new future, and have rich and meaningful life in the present.  His current edge is the interface between quantum physics, neuroscience, depth psychology & spiritual practice. Contact him, Register for a class, Join his Linked In groupDirections.

“The Self and Soul Center has been a big support to my growth and transformation.  From dancing and authentic movement, to psychological and spiritual study, the Center has not only connected me to my own heart, but to the hearts of others, creating deep friendships along the way… thank you so much for all the creative ways you offer support and guidance!” Khaliqa Baqi, Jacksonville, OR

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